Muslim Dua for Getting Lost Love Back

Muslim Dua for Getting Lost Love Back

Dua can change anyone’s fate and life. It is the strongest medium of every Muslim through which he/she can communicate with Allah (SWT). You want to fulfill your any desire just make Dua to Allah(SWT) and believe him for the solution of your any problem. Islam allows every human being to get marries to the person he/she loved and Islam does not stop anyone to love anyone. In Islam it is clearly stated that every Muslim is allowed to choose his/her partner. It is recommended in Quran Pak to avoid being in a haram relationship.

If you love someone, propose him/her for Marriage through an elder. Read Salatul Hajat and pray tahajjud and have faith that if he/she is made for you, Allah will make you marry. If for some reason, the Person you love get married to someone else, do not fall into shirk by doing biddah and unauthentic totkas. Always be thankful to Allah pak for all his blessings and don’t make yourself disaster.

Find peace in the Allah (SWT) says, “Truly it is in the remembrance of God that hearts find rest.” [Qur’an, 13:28].

Try to develop the love of Allah (SWT) more than the love of anything else and why you want to create a haram love story when a halal love story has been written by Allah for you already.

A Dua from hadith books can help you to get your love but remember action is more important than action.

Rabbana hablana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a’yunin wa ja’alna lil muttaqina imama

Dua for Getting the Love Back

When you love someone you just want to be with person through any way. Islam allows every Muslim either it’s a girl or boy to express his/her choice for the relationship toward anyone. Quran Pak clearly stated that don’t make haram relationships with the intensions of making it halal someday because who promised you tomorrow.

Everything written in Quran Pak is absolutely true and always guides you to the way of blessing. But if you love some and he/she left you for any reasons don’t make complains toward Allah (SWT). Pray Salah and recite Quran pak for the peace of your heart and make Dua to Allah (SWT) to get your love back.

On that time you were angry from the decision of Allah (SWT) because you believe he don’t listen to you. In Quran pak Allah (SWT) clearly says that “Call upon me and I will answer your questions”.

Believe on Allah for your fate and Allah will make best decision for you. Recite the following Dua twice a day and pray to Allah (SWT) to make this situation easy for you.

Hasbunal-Lahu wa ni`mal wakeel Alal-lahi Tawakkalna

You must recite the above mentioned Dua 51 times a day without any mistake after any Salah or before sleeping at night. This is one of the most powerful Dua and it will make your life happy and blessed.

dua to get love back

Most Powerful Dua for Love Back

Allah (SWT) loves his every person more than 70 times a mother can love his children. He can never put you in a situation which you cannot handle. Whatever be the situation in your life he will always help you in different ways to make your life happy.

In your life there are times when you love someone but you do not get that person. Don’t complain to Allah for it and believe him for your destiny because he knows best about you.   If you love someone and unable to be with him/her don’t go for black magic and totkas they are consider absolutely haram in Islam.

As haram relationships are not allowed in Islam so you should not do anything that will make you feel guilty in front of Allah (SWT).If you are in a relationship with someone and he/she left you, should be thankful to Allah that he saved you from a haram relationship.

But if you want that person back in your life make Dua to Allah (SWT) that if the person is good for you praise your life with him/her. Allah Always listens to your all Duas and if he doesn’t fulfill your any Dua he surely will give you reward for Dua. Before making any Dua you should have faith on Allah (SWT) that he knows what will be the best for you.  You should please Allah (SWT) every decision and hope for the best.

The below mentioned Dua you can recite for the help to get your Love back:-

Laqad jaaa-akum Rasoolum Min Anfusikum A’Zeezun A’Layhi Maa A’ntittum H’arees’Un A’Lakum Biloomieena Ra-oofur Rah’eem.