Mohabbat Paida Karne ki Dua

Mohabbat Paida Karne ki Dua

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters mohabbat paida karne ki dua is the most powerful and working dua to create love. If you love someone and want to create the mohabbat in someone’s heart then this article is only for you. Because here in this article, we’ll provide you the most powerful as well as working mohabbat paida karne ki dua. This dua is specifically for that person who is in love with someone and also wants someone’s love.

So brothers and sisters, do you love someone and wants to spend your time with someone then you can do this? This should be done with the help of dua and dua is the only weapon which helps to solve all problems. If your lover doesn’t want to accept you and your love then don’t be sad at that time. After performing this procedure, you will definitely make your lover in your life and he or she will never leave you alone.

Brothers and sisters, don’t take any type of tension and don’t take help from an illegal method. After taking help from an illegal method, you can get that someone but you will never get true love. So, that’s why, we are telling you, don’t take help from an illegal method.

Kisi ke dil me mohabbat paida karne ki dua

There are lots of people who do a search on the internet about kisi ke dil me mohabbat paida karne ki dua. Do you know? Why all that person is searching for that? Simply because that person doesn’t get the love of their partner who they love so much. They are trying so many methods but still, they don’t get him or her and maybe this is your fault or maybe not.

Have you purposed your lover whom you love so much? And on the spot, he or she rejects you. He or she rejects you maybe because of various reasons like he or she loves someone. Maybe he or she doesn’t like you and don’t want to spend her time with you. He or she doesn’t take any interest in you and that’s why he or she rejects you.

If you are facing such type of problems, then you should have to take help from the Dua. Because kisi ke dil me mohabbat paisa karne ki dua is the best result for you.

Miya biwi mein mohabbat paida karne ki dua

Are you that husband or a wife who always do fight and they don’t have love in their life? Now you are that people who want to create the love in your husband or a wife’s heart. If you want to do so then, you should have to take help from the dua. This is the most powerful and working miya biwi mein mohabbat paisa karne ki dua. Here is the complete procedure of how to perform all these duas. You just have to perform all these steps according to our procedure and don’t miss any single line.


  • Mohabbat paida karne ki dua, Offer the 5 Salah and after every salah, chant Darood Shareef 11 times.
  • In the next step, recite ya wadoodo 1100 times and then again chant Darood Shareef 11 times.
  • After that, give some sweets to your husband or a wife but if you want to create the feelings in someone’s heart.
  • Then, you should have to talk to him or her politely and with sweet.
  • Don’t make angry your partner because it will reduce the feelings of love in the heart of your partner or lover.
  • After every salah, make a dua for your partner or lover and In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will create the feelings of love.
  • Then, you both will live with each and spend your life happily. AAMEEN.